From Extraordinary Circumstances The Presidency of Gerald R. Ford 

"Russell Millett, of Pro Film Scans in Onsted, Michigan, did a fantastic job scanning the negatives for reproduction."


About Us

Established in 2005, Pro Film Scans does our best to be the go-to company when a homeowner or business wants to save thier image collection. Specializing in scanning services and digitization of film, we have a level of expertise and technology that a lot of other scanning companies lack. Pro Film Scans provides film scanning, digitalization of records, and archiving solutions for businesses and the general public. We will protect your important documents and records, films, photos, microfilm, slides, x-rays, and transparencies, by archiving them to DVDs, CDs, or removable hard drives. Pro Film Scans has over 50 years of experience in the imaging business. The owner, Russ, worked for Eastman Kodak for over 12 years gaining a great wealth of knowledge and technical expertise in the imaging world.

- David Hume Kennerly

Pro Film Scans is working to simplify your historical images. Our single-minded focus on being a leader in archiving images is further enhancing our commitment to support your business. To help you archive your images and to meet your future needs, we focus on your business opportunities, concerns, and technologies. We will constantly strive to win your commitment for a long-term business relation­ship that provides your business measurable value through dedicated support and service, superior product quality, and a joint effort to explore new business opportunities in an increasingly competitive market.