Full-Service Specialties

At Pro Film Scans, we use Kodakā„¢ technology and equipment to get the job done. Our services are ideal for quality control and for maintaining good business-to-business relationships. We want to meet with you to understand your archiving/imaging needs. Once we understand your business, we will customize a plan to fit your goals. We have the ability to meet your company or organization's needs.

Type of scans


   Services                                        Original Document/Images Sizes

  • Scanning
  • CD/DVD writing with high-end printing directly on CD/DVD's
  • Photo restoration
  • Color corrections and color restoring of originals
  • Digital asset management
  • Fulfillment Online Print Procurement

                   Lecture Image CD
Images ready to use for the web, email, image databases, presentations, and desktop printing. Files are scanned for high quality then saved to jpeg format and are approximately 2.1 MB, which decompress to approximately 6.5 MB files. This is approximate to 300 dpi
                  Print/Proof Image CD
Images ready to use for print sizes up to 11x14, and larger with high quality printing devices. Files are saved to Tiffs and a smaller jpeg file. These Tiff files are approximations and will vary with aspect ratios of the original format. The Tiffs range from 12 MB to 30 MB. The jpegs are rendered from the high-quality Tiff files and are approximately 6.5 MB after decompression. The jpegs are ready for proof prints and online ordering systems. You may choose to have a watermark added to the proof file (jpeg), for a minimum charge. This is approximate to 600 dpi
                  Archive Image CD
These images are ready for use in web use, image databases, print sizes up to 30x40, commercial offset printing, and media usage. This comes with three file sizes; One Tiff and two different other file sizes and file formats of your choice. The Tiff file may range from 25 MB to 128 MB. The jpeg files are approximate file sizes from the Tiffs and may range from 6 MB to 12 MB compressed and a proof size of 2.1 MB to 4.4 MB compressed. Watermarks of the proof/thumbnail files are included along with index prints and standard file names.

  • Film/Transparency size can range from 35mm all the way up to sheet film 12.2" x 16.6"
  • Photos/Documents sizes can be as small as thumbnail size up to 12.2" x 17.6"
  • Film can be color negative, transparency, and black & white negative or positive
  • Film can be rolls, cut sleeves, 35mm slides, and single cut negatives
  • Slides can be in boxes, sleeves, or carousels
  • Banquet camera formats
  • Widelux or other panoramic camera formats
  • Standard Microfilm formats in rolls, cassettes, and carded
  • We can handle 110, 126, disc film or any older film sizes